Villa in Canton Ticino – 2015 This detached villa measuring 250 square metres on two levels is situated in Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

The owners of the property, a Dutch family with two children, have a dynamic lifestyle and are always on the move. Their briefing was a warm, welcoming home, tailor-made to suit the needs of the family and with an international flavour. 

The villa, built by the previous owners, does not allow for any radical or total interventions; the long, narrow rectangular layout and distribution on two levels has drastically limited the possibility to re-organise the different spaces as we would have liked.

The ground floor is therefore designated for the living area and the master bedroom with bathroom, while the basement houses the bedrooms of the two children, with a shared bathroom, a guest room with en-suite bathroom, a play area, a studio for the owner, a cellar and a laundry room.

The art of designing spaces is that of ensuring the perfect balance and co-existence of all functional and emotional aspects of that space, in line with the customer’s expectations.

Functionality, beauty, atmosphere, technology: in my “perfect design”, none of these aspects can be sacrificed for another.

In terms of functionality, I confess that I am not fond of homes that are beautiful but impractical; functionality and beauty must go hand in hand, one must not exclude the other, as this would lead only to an unhappy result. I was initially appointed to design the architectural project and the building systems, but having established an excellent rapport with the owners, I was also asked to design the furnishings.

My clients wanted a home with dark colours, and this was the first time I had to deal with such a request, as in the past few years I was used to designing minimal homes, with “total white” being one of the pillars of the design.

This was a new experience but I am very satisfied with the end result, also because I was able to consolidate the idea of the importance of a positive rapport with my clients, who put their full trust in me.

The works to complete the exterior of the villa will continue throughout 2015”

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