Year of design: 2019
Year of construction: 2020
Place: Como
size: 240 square meters
In collaboration with arch. Davide Livio
This wonderful apartment is located in a panoramic position “overlooking” the first basin of Lake Como. The assignment for this intervention was complete and total as the client’s request included not only the design and management of the works but also the supply of furniture in their entirety
The client’s request was precise and aimed at embracing a minimal and rigorous taste.

The apartment is spread over several levels:
level 0: on the first level there is the large entrance, the garage, a guest bathroom, the gym and the laundry.
Level 1: Living. this area is spread over 4 micro levels where we find the “reading” and “music” area as well as the living room with fireplace and a large kitchen.

The peculiarity of this house lies in the development on several levels of the living area that offers different and fascinating points of view.

The staircase is the center of this mechanism, a sort of walkway that unites different places for which to read, listen to music, relax in front of the TV or enjoy the charm of the fireplace become experiences to be lived in places that are close but “secluded” at the same time. , all completed by the presence of an immense terrace overlooking the beautiful lake of Como.

The fully glass kitchen is a central island located in an area raised above the living room.

the stone table is placed “astride” the island and is strategically positioned that allows you to have meals while enjoying the usual and already described panoramic view of the lake.

The contrast of the kitchen flooring made of resin and the ceiling covering made of wooden parquet is interesting. A sort of “overturning” of expressive habits.

Inside the wooden lowering there is an at least original lighting system that allows you to perfectly illuminate the kitchen island without dazzling the user in any way and from any position.
Level 2: in the sleeping area, in addition to the “master” bedroom with private bathroom and walk-in closet, there are 2 single bedrooms that share a large bathroom. The peculiarity of this bathroom, shared by two brothers, lies in the autonomy of the 2 entrances and in the sharing of a large shower with double access !!

The flooring throughout the house is made of very dark wood parquet with an innovative texture.

The kitchen and the staircase, on the other hand, are finished in matt “concrete gray” resin. This choice for the staircase confirms the idea of ​​a “walkway” described above and for the kitchen it is a very practical choice.

Another feature of this accommodation lies in the alternation of the parapets that develop around the staircase and the living area .. The transparent glass alternates with treated and etched metal uprights, creating interesting scenic effects.

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