Zoagli (GE) – “Home automation” holiday home – 2011 The apartment is located in a classic “terrace” building located in the famous “Zoagli cliff”.

In a privileged position and truly “above” the sea overlooking the Gulf of Rapallo, this holiday residence is “clinging” to the cliff with which it intertwines, accepting its invasion in some internal parts !!!

The property includes a wonderful garden overlooking the sea with a “sunbathing” area and a relaxation area with all the related services (shower, music and TV).

The apartment is on two levels joined together by a newly designed lift to replace the old staircase.

Upstairs is the living room, master bedroom with private bathroom, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, technical and service area.

On the floor below, that of the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea which also includes a kitchen area, there is another guest bedroom with private bathroom.

The client’s request was for a “light” and completely white house that “intertwines” with the sea below and with the rock of the cliff, letting the latter “enter” inside to consolidate the close relationship with the natural landscape of this beautiful Ligurian corner !!! The flooring of the upper floor was made using bleached and “beached” oak boards on which all the furnishings are made of opaque white glass. (the beach is a rounded finish of the table which, when combined with the next, creates an effect similar to that of the sand that opposes the force of the sea wave !!!)

On the terrace floor, the large-format porcelain stoneware flooring mimics the grain of the wood … with colors ranging from blue to light blue (near the sea) to white inside !!! This choice stems from the consideration that an all-white house offers itself to the blue sea… mixing with it.

The floor underlines this blue / white meeting. From a technological point of view, the intervention was carried out using walls, against perimeter walls and false ceilings in plasterboard with double slabs and very high performance thermal and acoustic insulation.

The main feature of this holiday home is the use of a very sophisticated “home automation” system that allows remote management of all components (lights, curtains, shutters, heating, music, burglar alarm, video surveillance).

Just send a simple email and this accommodation responds by positioning itself on the previously prepared scenarios.

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