TAVERNOLA – COMO – APARTMENT ON 2 LEVELS – 2010 The apartment is located in a new building on a hill overlooking Lake Como in the locality of Tavernola.

The accommodation is spread over two floors and provides for the entrance from the common areas on both levels.

On the 5th and last floor there is the living room which sees the large kitchen, the dining room, the living room and a small reading area in a single room.

Taking advantage of the narrow and long dimension of the plant, a small guest bathroom with an anteroom dedicated to a dressing room and a pantry for the kitchen was created.

On the 4th floor we find the master bedroom with private bathroom, 2 bedrooms for children, a service bathroom and a large laundry and ironing room.

These two levels are connected by an internal staircase made of concrete and enclosed by a transparent glass parapet that extends from the lower floor up to the living area.

The flooring of the two floors and the staircase that connects them is made of gray concrete resin.

This choice enhances the linearity and simplicity of this intervention.

The client’s request was aimed at obtaining a house that played with the contrasts of black and white.

The only exception is the wall of the master bathroom with a “smoked” oak wood cladding with a “saw cut” finish which configures a more “warm” and relaxing aspect.

The bathroom is “inserted” in the master bedroom from which it is divided only by a reflective glass that “screens” the two rooms.

The magic of this glass lies in preventing the view from the room when the lighting inside the bathroom is reduced compared to the room itself.

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