Lezzeno (co) – Apartment for young professional – 2014 This apartment is situated in Lezzeno, on Lake Como.

The design of the interiors of this apartment, measuring approximately 100 m2, on the ground floor of a hillside villa, aimed principally to enhance the splendid view.

The primary objective was to enjoy the view of the lake, with its reflections and colours, from every corner of the house, from the living area to the bedroom area.

This concept was agreed from the start of the project with the client, a thirty-year old professional who lives here in the spring and summer, but is resident elsewhere during the rest of the year.

Another aim was to create a young, modern home, suitable for entertaining friends in the evenings but with the possibility to become a comfortable home for a young couple in future.

I decided to develop a strong, masculine character for the interior design, with a practical focus, creating a living area with kitchen, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a service area with a guest room and bathroom. Particular attention was paid right from the beginning to the lighting system, and a truly exceptional result was achieved: a strip of leds runs along the wall of the living area, creating a game of angled criss-cross lighting with a very strong graphic identity, fitted with dimmers to create unique and original atmospheres.

The lamps over the dining table recreate the pattern of the led strips, underlining the lighting feature.

In the bedroom area, the design focused on the discreet, non-invasive incorporation of the master bathroom into the bedroom, with three sliding doors in grey reflecting glass that form a mirrored wall as you enter the bedroom area, integrating the bathroom into the bedroom.

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