APARTMENT – LENZERHEIDE – 2013 the apartment is located in a new building in the center of Lenzerheide, a renowned and exclusive resort located in the center of the canton of Grisons.

The apartment on the top floor has excellent sun exposure on three sides.

The client’s request was simple: a chalet with a mountain flavor, using natural materials with a warm and soft taste. The request was to obtain 2 double bedrooms with private bathroom, and a children’s room with bathroom… in addition to the living area which includes a kitchen, dining area and large relaxation area with fireplace.

From a distribution point of view, the result was achieved by fulfilling all the required needs.

All the planks were eliminated and the spaces were divided through wardrobes and movable walls made of wood. The philosophy of the entire project focuses on the use of 3 materials that characterize the entire work: 1- The chosen wood is heat-treated and “sandblasted” oak with which the main elements of the house were made: the floor, the mansard roof and all the furnishings (except for the kitchen) as well as some walls 2- Stone: (brushed Tunisian gray) used as a covering material for the bathroom walls and the TV wall in the living area 3- Brushed iron: with which the most characteristic furnishing elements were made.

The choice of this wood and its use also for the construction of the roof facilitated the achievement of my first goal: to have a warm and mountainous image without falling as usual in the rustic.

Some choices such as the use of sheet metal or the choice of the kitchen made entirely of glass in addition to the use of white cement as a finish for the “uncovered” walls in combination with wood make this chalet very elegant and welcoming with a modern cut.

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