APARTMENT – COMO – 2011 The apartment is located on the 4th and last floor of a new building located in the first basin of Lake Como with a splendid view of the lake and the city. The development of the house is on a single level of a total of 173 square meters all paved with oak parquet.

The client’s request, the leitmotif of the design idea, was to find the right location and enhancement of the countless works of African art of which the owner is a regular collector.

The characterizing element of the living room has therefore become the bookcase / display wall made of plasterboard with stone benches to house the works of art.

The central focus of the living area is the lowering in plasterboard that houses and hides the audio / video system, another fundamental requirement of the client.

Inside these volumes, a LED lamp has also been inserted which gives the owner the opportunity to create different atmospheres by playing with colors.

The living room is therefore conceived in an area overlooking the fireplace, made of striped absolute black stone in front of which the video projection screen can drop and an area of ​​more intimate seating for watching TV.

The series of lowerings that enhance the apartment was designed to create “bright cuts” and to hide the air conditioning system.

Particular was the creation of illuminated hatches in the hallway that solve the need to contain the air conditioning machines.

Behind the living room there is the kitchen / laundry area and the guest bathroom with walls in cement and “Tunisian gray” stone behind the sink.

The sleeping area is separated from the living area by a full-height pivot panel that leads to the children’s bedroom, study and second bathroom made entirely of black resin and absolute black stone to underline the idea of ​​a dark “box” .

At the back is the master bedroom with private bathroom where we find a Corian bathtub and shower and walls covered in “brera stone” in contrast with the brown resin.

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